Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Saudi Women ?

This Blog is for all those who doesn't know about Saudi Women or underestimating their abilities , or misled by the medias that Situations of Saudi Women are kinda misery. Yes ! we might have problems or some overrated regulations to be stuck with ! Yes there might be cases of child-abuse , family violence or daughters who were disowned by their parents ! Yes there might be Mothers who were giving up by their sons or wives encountering husband's bad behaviors !

But THIS IS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD !! it's not such a unique picture of Saudi Women , it's not like that 100% are suffering from the above. Surprisingly, whenever it comes to saudi women, situations are overrated, manipulated & start to go over & over, like u end up saying : OMG , are we alines !!? why many things are misunderstood! Why many ones don't get their nose out of our business? Why unrelated institutes trying to fix things up instead of working on theirs? Apart of those individuals arguing all the time about Saudi women's rights, women's jobs, women's transportations , women's education, Women's freedom, women women women ! then what ? They are 1st class citizens not second if anyone thought before, & whatever should be corrected will take place but eventually.

In spite of the fact that Saudi Women are muslims -where ISLAM has guaranteed all her rights- the society is not the one of angles. Whenever mistakes happen -& it will- that means carrying out of Islam's instructions wasn't done properly & and we have to go farther through it.
I'm not trying to analyze the situation or investigate all about it. this is such a long talk that wouldn't end in a blog or 10 , but I wanted to depict a bright side that has been ignored most of the time ; a group of pioneer Saudi women that overcome most difficulties & showed to the world examples of stunning, genius & great female scientists. Furthermore, this group gets enlarged day by day .

Maybe the introduction wasn't directed to the title immediately , but I tried to clarify the reason of all this, WHY SAUDI WOMEN ?? YES we have female scientists , Yes they invented so many great marvelous inventions , Yes There are successful Saudi women with amazing achievements . Yes they're accomplishing progression toward unlimited success.

Their achievements & their personalities inspire us to fulfill our dreams to be successful doctors either in our academic or professional lives . They are simply "Pioneers"and we're proud of them.

By: Hanan Shulail


  1. really impressive. very nicely written. well done.
    you have great writing skills !!!

  2. I read your blog. I like it for the reason I did the research about it. why they insert their nose in our business, why the try to push us to heat our culture and our country, we are not coming from the space, I lived in US for 5 years and met with deferent kind of women from Arab countries to western countries. when it comes to Arabian women Saudi much much better situation than women in Egypt or Jordan, we have much freedom with our life decision, Saudi much respected in the society, sported from their families. so our life not only normal but we have the best circumstances comparing to the others.