Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dr. Hayat Sindi

"She is a PH.D. holder in electromagnetic and sound meter equipments from Cambridge University. She concluded that a number of major scientific inventions made her hold a highly academic position. 

United States called her to be in a group of 15 of the best scientists in the world to look up to sciences streams and future. Bruckly University, California also called her to be one of the most three prominent female scientists: Carl Dar- cancer research director, Cathy Silver- the first spacewoman, and Hayat Syndy is the third. She is a visitor researcher in Harvard University. 

Her team is “diagnosis for all” which is a modern technology developed in “Gorge white side” laps in Harvard University which works to reduce the test laps in a figure-size equipment made of papers, and the ordinary person can use to do the test any time and directly read the results to diagnose the case or to see the specialized without the need to go to the lap. This project –which stemmed from non-prophet institution established by Gorge white side, Car Michele Roberts, and Hayat Syndy- has hold the first position in the contest of plan of action for social projects in Harvard University and also in the contest of initiatives directed by Masochists institute of technology (MIT) recently; by that, the project is the first that gained tow prizes in just one year. 
Her scientific team is the first project to serve the society that comes from the laps of Harvard University and wins its prize since 12 years. The project also is the only one that reached to the final stage for MIT prize and took the prize despite it is a non-profitable project. 

She received an invitation from NASA and provided her a job because of this invention, for her multiple applications invention in deferent fields for medicine industries, and for researchable projects to protect the environment and to measure the poisoned gases. Her innovation is characterized by high accuracy which reached to achieve a percentage of success to acknowledge the genetic readiness to have diabetes that reach 99.1% when it was not more than 25%."

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