Friday, January 4, 2013

It's not the End

 All what have been written in the previous blogs were such a quick glance, there are many other achievements & examples of pioneer Saudi women. You can go further through these names :

Musha’el Al-Eisa,
Title of invention: A product vital to eliminate the bacteria cluster held a first Prize (gold) of the Foundation of King Abdul Aziz and his men for the Talented.

Dr. Samia maimani,
1. She invented The Relaxing the nervous system 2. She invented Al Jawnj.

Dr.Wafa Fakih,
She got a fellowship in 1989, Arab women and the birth of an advisory has achieved first world achievement in medical history for her work planting the womb of a woman who lost her womb years ago

Dr.Reem M. Al-Tuwirqi,
Assistant Professor of Physics at King Abdulaziz University, who wan some French prize in Physics in 2008.

Machael el-Shamemre,
First Saudi woman and an Arab who has joined the NASA in US.
“ I will do my best in order to show the world that the Saudi Arabian woman is capable of doing a great job in different fields of work for her strong will and her ambition. I want the girls of my country to know that nothing can stand in front of their success as long as they want to prove themselves within their traditions and their religion”.
Machael ..

Dr. Marwah Mohamed Bakri, 
Dean of Female Students Academic Complex, was awarded the 11th Middle East Prize granted by the Middle East Excellence Award Institute of Datamatix. This award is annually bestowed upon pioneering leaders worldwide.

Dr. Maha Al-Muneef,
An Executive Director of the National Family Safety Program and councilor of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, is a child protectionist and child rights advocate. She is also a consultant on pediatric infectious diseases and has been involved in the national implementation of child protection services.

She is chairwoman of the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Center at King Abdul Aziz Medical City, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and president-elect of the Arab Professional Network for the Prevention of Violence Against Children. She is also a consultant in the Shoura Council.

… & Still there are many others & one day we have to write about them. 

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