Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prof. Faten Khorshid

"Dr. Faten Khorshid is one of the top inventors in Saudi Arabia, A Saudi researcher who discovered a medicine to treat the most ill-natured cancer type: lung cancer. She is a head of Plant Cells and Tissues Unit, in King Fahad Medical Research Center. She proved through her research that camel’s urine can treat some cancer types. & planning to win The Nobel Prize within her discoveries.
In 1983, she received her bachelor’s degree in biology. In addition, in 1989, she had her master’s degree in the tissue of animals. Moreover in 2000, she was selected as by the Saudi embassy as one of the best students in London, UK and Ireland.
In 2001, she got her PhD in tissue engineering. She is a professor in the medical biology lab in King Abdul-Aziz University ( KAAU ) in Jeddah.

Finally her study is approved from the Ethics Committee of Scientific Research at ( KAAU ), also she has received the golden medal for the best invention in 2008 and her medicine was selected as one of the best six medicines at the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition ( ITEX )  in 2009."

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